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AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyOctober 15th, 2017

Update: New Productivity and Workflow Improvements 🙌 🎉

We've been listening to you and today we're excited to share multiple improvements.

✅ New side-bar with comments

With a comment bar, its now easier than ever to see all the comments in the one place. You can filter them by pages (on PDFs) and see comments that have been resolved.


✅ Ability to Resolve Comments

This is one the most anticipated features. Project owners will now have the ability to resolve comments that will vastly improve your productivity and workflow,


✅ Integrated Design and Revision tab

We've integrated the design tab with ability to see manage revisions. You can now see both designs and revisions in the one place, including the ability to upload new versions.


New Features

  • An improved navigation breadcrumbs that hides long file names

  • A filter to hide comments that have been resolved

  • A new comment box design with new edit/delete buttons


  • Word changes to 'Hide pages with no comments'

  • Approve/Needs - improved notifications

  • Team members can now assign permission to other team members (Admin/Member)

  • Improved approval process. An approved design can no longer upload new files.


  • User profile image cache fix

  • Fix spelling errors

  • Agency subscriptions now show correct projects in profile screen