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AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyMarch 31st, 2019

New Feature: Supercharging reviewer functionality with multi-reviewer approvals

We've just released exciting new updates to GoVisually's review and approval features. We are confident these new improvements will supercharge your workflow and provide you with greater levels of transparency on the status of proofs

Here are the 5 most important changes you should know:

1. Every invited reviewer will be able to 'request changes' or 'approve' individual proofs

In the past, only one reviewer could approve a proof. With this release, every invited reviewer can now mark individual proofs as either "Needs Changes" or "Approved"  from the drop down menu available in reviewer mode.


2. Quickly see the status of each proof and each reviewer

Just hover your mouse over each proof to quickly see: who is yet to review, who has requested changes, who has approved.


3. Easily see the review stage of proofs with powerful new filters


4. Remind reviewers who haven't finished their review with a tap of a button

Available in Agency accounts


5. Project owners and team members can finalize (lock) designs

Once you receive approvals from some or all reviewers; as a proof owner you can choose to finalize a proof (or think of it as a lock). 

Once finalized the proof is locked so no further comments or approvals can be added by reviewers.


📢 Important: What does this mean for you? 

  1. In the past both team members and reviewers were able to approve proofs, however with this release, only reviewers will be able to mark proofs as either "Needs changes" or "Approved"
  2. Internal team members will now be able to finalize proofs (locking) so no further comments can be made by reviewers. 
  3. We've marked any legacy `approvals` made by internal team members as "finalized'
  4. The ability to "remind" reviewers is only available to team members on agency plans.

New Features

  • New filters to show status of each proof

  • Ability to remind reviewers (agency accounts)

  • Ability to mark proofs as needs changes and approved

  • Ability to finalize (lock) proofs

  • New thumbnail design with new icons

  • Filters added in reviewer panel

  • Sidebar shows proofs that "needs review" status by default

  • New status hover popover to indicate review status

  • Added new email to remind reviewers (agency accounts)


  • Improved breadcrumbs view in reviewer mode

  • Improved fonts and small UI fixes

  • Improved filters in mobile view

  • Improved mobile view fixed positioning

  • Scroll bar color improvements in project view


  • Fixed mobile annotation bug

  • Fixed Stripe bug for payments that failed

  • Fixed notification emails for solo accounts