AJ at GoVisually February 16th, 2019

Update: A new reviewer signup flow, ability to archive projects & new zoom controls.

New reviewer flow

We've redesigned the way we capture reviewer information. Reviewers can now add a comment using just their name and email address. 


Please note: GoVisually still requires reviewers to set a password to ensure overall security of your proofs and to maintain accountability. Proofing systems are built around clearly identifying users who reviewed, commented and approved the digital asset. Setting a password allows allows regular reviewers to use their credentials to come back in without having to identify themselves over and over again.

You can now Archive Projects

Users on Agency & Agency+ Plans now have the ability to archive projects they no longer need.

5c67e657b585b_2019-02-16 21.13.02-HpY.gif

You can also easily restore projects from the archived section.

5c67e66554a70_2019-02-16 21.24.37-8as.gif

Read more about archiving here

New Zoom Controls

We've introduced two new zoom controls on the reviewer page: Fit to screen and Original Size.


New Features

  • New Reviewer Flow

  • Archive Projects

  • New Zoom Controls - Fit to Screen & Original Size


  • Pagination for activities page

  • Ability to remove profile picture


  • Fixes to Notification Engine - Approval emails not being delivered to project owners on freelancer accounts

  • New profile picture would break layout

  • Sort revisions based on activity and not approval status