AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyDecember 21st, 2016

Update: Pre Christmas Bug Updates

A few small updates this week :)


  • Added validation to check the existence of design(s) before sharing with collaborators


  • Fixed Slack issue where it was showing broken link images.

  • Slack modal logic was flawed for change channel, this is fixed now.

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyDecember 18th, 2016

New Feature: GoVisually meets Slack

We're super happy to announce GoVisually can now post updates to a Slack #channel


Connect your project to a Slack channel. You can snooze notifications and activity alerts with a flick of a switch.


New Features

  • Connect to Slack

  • Post new comments, replies and approvals to Slack channel specific to a project

  • Snooze activity notifications with a flick of a switch


  • Improved image load speed.

  • Tweaks to make fonts more readable


  • An issue while removing comments has been fixed

  • UI issue while changing design while comment open is now fixed

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyNovember 13th, 2016

Update: Short shareable URL's & performance enhancements

We say goodbye to those long URLs & Hello to short URLs. Making sharing your artwork cleaner and neater!


New Features

  • Short URLs - share shorter URL's with clients and collaborators


  • Animated page transitions

  • Performance enhancements

  • Element animations for design cards

  • New user menu


  • Jumpy comment boxes fixed

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyNovember 9th, 2016

Update: Faster PDF load times and more

This release contains fixes for speedier PDF loading and several bug fixes related to payment forms.


  • Improved loading times for PDF pages


  • Payment form bug fixes

  • File upload issue fixed for files with special characters

  • UI fixes on ride side panel

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyOctober 31st, 2016

New Feature: We now support PDF and PSD uploads.

GoVisually now fully supports upload and annotation of PDF and PSD files.



New Features

  • PDF support

  • PSD support

  • A new bar at the bottom for PDF page navigation


  • Paid plan improvements

  • File upload feature now supports new file types.


  • Copy changes to improve usability and clarity