AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyMarch 31st, 2019

New Feature: Supercharging reviewer functionality with multi-reviewer approvals

We've just released exciting new updates to GoVisually's review and approval features. We are confident these new improvements will supercharge your workflow and provide you with greater levels of transparency on the status of proofs

Here are the 5 most important changes you should know:

1. Every invited reviewer will be able to 'request changes' or 'approve' individual proofs

In the past, only one reviewer could approve a proof. With this release, every invited reviewer can now mark individual proofs as either "Needs Changes" or "Approved"  from the drop down menu available in reviewer mode.


2. Quickly see the status of each proof and each reviewer

Just hover your mouse over each proof to quickly see: who is yet to review, who has requested changes, who has approved.


3. Easily see the review stage of proofs with powerful new filters


4. Remind reviewers who haven't finished their review with a tap of a button

Available in Agency accounts


5. Project owners and team members can finalize (lock) designs

Once you receive approvals from some or all reviewers; as a proof owner you can choose to finalize a proof (or think of it as a lock). 

Once finalized the proof is locked so no further comments or approvals can be added by reviewers.


📢 Important: What does this mean for you? 

  1. In the past both team members and reviewers were able to approve proofs, however with this release, only reviewers will be able to mark proofs as either "Needs changes" or "Approved"
  2. Internal team members will now be able to finalize proofs (locking) so no further comments can be made by reviewers. 
  3. We've marked any legacy `approvals` made by internal team members as "finalized'
  4. The ability to "remind" reviewers is only available to team members on agency plans.

New Features

  • New filters to show status of each proof

  • Ability to remind reviewers (agency accounts)

  • Ability to mark proofs as needs changes and approved

  • Ability to finalize (lock) proofs

  • New thumbnail design with new icons

  • Filters added in reviewer panel

  • Sidebar shows proofs that "needs review" status by default

  • New status hover popover to indicate review status

  • Added new email to remind reviewers (agency accounts)


  • Improved breadcrumbs view in reviewer mode

  • Improved fonts and small UI fixes

  • Improved filters in mobile view

  • Improved mobile view fixed positioning

  • Scroll bar color improvements in project view


  • Fixed mobile annotation bug

  • Fixed Stripe bug for payments that failed

  • Fixed notification emails for solo accounts

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyFebruary 16th, 2019

Update: A new reviewer signup flow, ability to archive projects & new zoom controls.

New reviewer flow

We've redesigned the way we capture reviewer information. Reviewers can now add a comment using just their name and email address. 


Please note: GoVisually still requires reviewers to set a password to ensure overall security of your proofs and to maintain accountability. Proofing systems are built around clearly identifying users who reviewed, commented and approved the digital asset. Setting a password allows allows regular reviewers to use their credentials to come back in without having to identify themselves over and over again.

You can now Archive Projects

Users on Agency & Agency+ Plans now have the ability to archive projects they no longer need.

5c67e657b585b_2019-02-16 21.13.02-HpY.gif

You can also easily restore projects from the archived section.

5c67e66554a70_2019-02-16 21.24.37-8as.gif

Read more about archiving here

New Zoom Controls

We've introduced two new zoom controls on the reviewer page: Fit to screen and Original Size.


New Features

  • New Reviewer Flow

  • Archive Projects

  • New Zoom Controls - Fit to Screen & Original Size


  • Pagination for activities page

  • Ability to remove profile picture


  • Fixes to Notification Engine - Approval emails not being delivered to project owners on freelancer accounts

  • New profile picture would break layout

  • Sort revisions based on activity and not approval status

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyNovember 25th, 2018

Update: A better way to manage your subscription

New Subscription Page

We've redesigned the subscription page for better usability.

5bf0ed62336c4_Screenshot 2018-11-18 at 10.10.48 AM.png

Download Invoices

Now view or download invoices directly from your subscription page.

5bf0ebaed1e9d_Screenshot 2018-11-18 at 10.03.15 AM.png

Add Billing Address

Now generate invoices with your company name and address

5bf0ed00c56bc_Screenshot 2018-11-18 at 10.08.15 AM.png

Switch from monthly to yearly subscription

Easily upgrade from monthly to yearly subscription. 

Your current billing cycle will be adjusted to the new plan on Pro-Rata basis.

5bf0ebf78a254_Screenshot 2018-11-18 at 10.03.38 AM.png

New Features

  • Completely new - Stripe generated invoices and receipts.

  • Ability to update your billing address

  • Ability to change credit cards


  • Your billing cycle is now visible

  • If a coupon is applied, this is now visible in the subscription page


  • We've added a fix so payment cannot occur twice with accidental button push

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallySeptember 22nd, 2018

New Feature: Project Search Bar and more

Project Search Bar

We've now added a search bar to quickly search for your projects.


Revision Number

Revisions now show total revision and current revision.



  • Chat now works within App

  • Added help KB link within App

  • Share URL Shortlinks are now SSL enabled


  • Expired Credit Card Charging Fix

  • Team description fix

  • Email address update will update on Stripe

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyApril 15th, 2018

New Feature: You can now set passwords 🔒Plus a ton of updates you've been asking for

This is the big update we've been working on. We've got lots of exciting new features in this release. 

Working on a top secret project? You can now set passwords on your project if you're on our team or agency plan. 


You can now see who Approved ✅the proof directly in the sign-off tab. 


New Features

  • Team and Agency plans can now set passwords when sharing projects with reviewers

  • You can upload revisions directly from the thumbnail view.

  • Export comments now has a print button. Don't forget to enable backgrounds in your printer settings before hitting print.

  • You can now see all your invoices and print them out!

  • We've added a download button so you can easily download the asset.


  • You can now see who has approved the creative in the approval tab.

  • Export comments now has a print button. Don't forget to enable backgrounds in your printer settings before hitting print.

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyJanuary 8th, 2018

New Feature: 📣 A new way to export comments to print view 🖨

Hurrah! You can now export your comments to print mode. Also if your browser supports it, just print to PDF.




  • We've update our on-boarding illustrations.


  • We've fixed the in-app chat button.

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyOctober 15th, 2017

Update: New Productivity and Workflow Improvements 🙌 🎉

We've been listening to you and today we're excited to share multiple improvements.

✅ New side-bar with comments

With a comment bar, its now easier than ever to see all the comments in the one place. You can filter them by pages (on PDFs) and see comments that have been resolved.


✅ Ability to Resolve Comments

This is one the most anticipated features. Project owners will now have the ability to resolve comments that will vastly improve your productivity and workflow,


✅ Integrated Design and Revision tab

We've integrated the design tab with ability to see manage revisions. You can now see both designs and revisions in the one place, including the ability to upload new versions.


New Features

  • An improved navigation breadcrumbs that hides long file names

  • A filter to hide comments that have been resolved

  • A new comment box design with new edit/delete buttons


  • Word changes to 'Hide pages with no comments'

  • Approve/Needs - improved notifications

  • Team members can now assign permission to other team members (Admin/Member)

  • Improved approval process. An approved design can no longer upload new files.


  • User profile image cache fix

  • Fix spelling errors

  • Agency subscriptions now show correct projects in profile screen

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyJune 25th, 2017

New Feature: 2 New Exciting Annotation Tools

Hold tight -super exciting news! We've added 2 new much requested annotation tools:

1. Box Tool: Simply drag and select an area to comment
2. Arrow Tool: Use a pointing tool to precisely point and comment


See preview video:

New Features

  • Box Select & Comment Tool

  • Pointer Arrow & Comment Tool


  • Improved visibility of comments with font adjustments

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyMarch 28th, 2017

Update: A more visible way to approve work

We've made the all important approval function more visible after customer feedback. This should make it simple for your clients to locate the approval function.

You'll find the new button now located on the top right hand side.



  • We've also streamlined the signup page to incorporate teams.

AJ at GoVisuallyAJ at GoVisuallyFebruary 11th, 2017

Update: February Release

Hello GoVisually users.

We've released yet another update. You'll need to hit RELOAD to see the changes. So please go ahead and do that now.

We've streamlined our login pages with bold new images. We look to feature some of our awesome customers.

Also a bunch of bugfixes and providing users prompt when things are empty.

If you find an issue, please get in touch with us :)

New Features

  • Revamped UX on Login and Signup pages


  • Added Illustrations and Messages to Empty States

  • Removed ability to add multi-teams


  • Trial Expiry Bugfix

  • Activity Feed Bugfix